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Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club
Promoting the Working Lines

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Welcome to the Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club Website!

DGSDC member, John Chambers working with Major.


The Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club is a private organization, one which promotes the working lines German Shepherd breed on the Delmarva Peninsula. Through a variety of club related activities, our dogs and their owners can meet for training sessions, clinics, K-9 demonstrations, and to promote upcoming litters from responsible club breeders. The passion each member has is shared through our love for K-9 training and this breed.

Memberships are generally available year-round and open to approved German Shepherd owners and their dogs, trainers, handlers, and breeders. We generally require those animals to be registered through the American Kennel Club or other approved registry and from working lines, though work/show will be accepted. Our desire is to promote the true utility nature of the animal and not the stylized, roached-back, and contorted looks which are often seen with the breed. 

All members shall remain in good standing to retain memberships. Our  K-9 training is available to owners of German Shepherds and to non-German Shepherd breeds. Why would we provide training to non-German Shepherd breeds? It's simple...after you see these dogs in action, we’ll convert you.

A "portal" is described as a doorway or means of entrance. We would like to think our club is that "entrance" for you and your dog to find out what working dog training is about and why our members enjoy it. Thanks for checking out our website and we look forward to meeting you in person!

K-9 Demos...We're Getting Ready!

Howard Gaines III (L) and Marilyn Serino (R) working with Hannah. K-9 can take about 30 minutes, we discuss our group and our training. We'll showcase obedience, protection work, the equipment used, and answer questions. Call and schedule your time today!

 A Big Congrations...AKC-CGC Club News 

Garry Manaraze and his male German Shepherd, Shadrach.

This team passed their AKC-CGC test on Sunday, March 16th.

AKC-CGC Evaluator, Howard Gaines III

Patty Calloway and her male German Shepherd, Roscoe.

They passed their test on Sunday, April 6th.

AKC-CGC Evaluator, Charles Tanner III


John Devlin and his female German Shepherd, Chanel.

They passed their test on Sunday, April 6th.

AKC-CGC Evaluator, Charles Tanner III

 "The breeding of shepherd dogs is the breeding of working dogs and this must always be the aim or we shall cease to produce shepherd dogs." -Max Von Stephanitz