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Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club
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About Us


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DGSDC helper Randy Combs working this German Shepherd on the bite sleeve. 

The Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club

Our History

Many folks have sports outlets or clubs that reflect their interests or needs. These can be baseball, football, or soccer teams, horseback riding groups, hunting or fishing associations, or the many motorcycle clubs in our area. For the working dog owner and specifically the German Shepherd folks, there isn't much out there that allows you to tap into the genetics of your pet. When doing any website search, you'll find this to be true.

The Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club was founded by several passionate German Shepherd owners and trainers who enjoy training with working lines animals. In 2013, we decided to accepted other breeds into our training venue. We understand it's hard to find clubs that offer real world training without that sport dog attitude or the requirement to push for organizational "titles" on their pet. While the vast majority of our members own German Shepherds, we will work with other approved breeds without issue.

Our club goals are simple: help the owners understand the genetic drives of their pet, use non-patterned training techniques and scenarios which offer a real world need and application, and increase handler's knowledge and skills with the dog they are using. The DGSDC also offers problem solving and breed specific help for the first time working dog owner.

Because CANNED Can't Work!

Anyone who tells you that "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" with dog training is blowing smoke. Canned can't work! Not all dogs are equal and not all handlers have the skills or abilities to bring out the BEST in their pet. Our training works with an understanding of the individual's differences and interests. We attempt to create a club setting that is both fun and worthwhile as a training outlet.

We take your pet from the foundation level using on leash obedience and marker training. Dovetailing those skills into the protection venue becomes and ongoing effort. STEP BY STEP TRAINING!  When you explore some groups or clubs, you have few choices with their working dog training. You're either locked into a stylized mode of training or you'll use methods which don't seem practical in the real world.

Thanks for visiting with us and enjoy the rest of the website! 

Morning Obedience

We use group obedience and marker training to train for EVERYTHING!

Good obedience is also needed for the AKC-CGC title.  We have two AKC-CGC Evaluators who can train and test your dog.

The DGSDC has two certified AKC-CGC Evaluators, Howard Gaines III and Charles Tanner III both of Harrington, Delaware.

We feel that many of the elements found in the AKC-CGC are important to the foundation work of our club. Along with verbal marker training, our dogs respond to the positive training techniques and not the OLD SCHOOL style of "yank and crank." The CGC is also an entry point for the CGC Advanced title and used for Therapy Dog certification from other training venues.

Need a K-9 Demo for Community Events?


Demos are FREE and the EXCITEMENT...Priceless!

We enjoy sharing our club training with folks, K-9 demos is a part of that process.

We can offer 30 and 45 minute demos that showcase REAL WORLD applications and not artificial ones set for trophy or award applications.

Form and Function

"It Works When You Work It."

The German Shepherd was designed and bred to fill many uses and personal/professional needs. This is a large, herding breed animal. Like many pack animals, they're willing to fit in with the human pack and serve the human IF the human is a pack leader. Setting rules and providing outlets for their energy are important elements to owning this breed.

Smart and highly trainable dogs, the German Shepherd has been used for everything from war dogs to S&R helpers, from law enforcement partners to herders of sheep and cattle, from security dogs to trusted family pets. The form and function of a well bred, working lines, German Shepherd seems to make this breed one that might be able to do all things and all do all things well! 

Big Dogs and Bite Work

Charles Tanner III checking Gunnar's grip as Vernon Murray watches.

NOTICE! Please refrain from contacting us regarding your unwanted, abused, or shelter bound pets. We are a training club, one whose members love and take care of their working lines, high drive animals.